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david prown 120Although it had good rating #'s, I really wasn't planning on seeing "Lucky Logan".  Even when seeing the cast included Daniel Craig, Hilary Swank, Adam Driver and Channing Tatum, I was impressed, but not overly moved. But when local movie reviewer icon Joan Ellis (joanellis.com) had lots of good things to say about this "hillbilly heist" movie, I put it on my dance card.

And I was very happy I did.  This movie put the F in Fun and C in Clean.  You want to chuckle, you want to laugh, you want to tap your hand to a really engaging sound track, then go see "Lucky Logan".

Better than most films out there and no doubt because it is funny, improbable & light  You root for the underdog throughout.  Definitely a late summer/early fall surprise (just 20 minutes too long).

Promise you will have fun at this one.  Not a unique story line but the characters and music are to make a good night out.