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There are a select few that are obviously genuine in what they do, in their occupation as well as their lives. I have come to know Tom Giaimo over the past few months and can plainly see that this is one of those people that is truly genuine.

Tom grew up in Middletown and as a child he carried a reputation as an ace pitcher. His peers quaked when they had to try and hit the ball that was pitched to them by Tom. He has gained the respect of others from this time, as a child, to the current date.

As an attorney, representing homeowner associations, Tom Giaimo knows the struggles the average person goes through trying to forge out a life and living for their families. He knows that people need to be represented in all facets of life, whether it is in the courtroom or out on the street. Tom knows that when people stick together they become a force that is hard to reckon with.

People in New Jersey need representatives like Tom Giaimo. He will put the needs of the people ahead of all else. He will bring integrity, transparency and accountability back to state politics. I am casting my vote for Tom Giaimo for NJ State Assembly in the 13th Legislative District and I hope you are too.


Don Watson

New Monmouth, NJ